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Few things in life can make you feel more secure than owning your own home. From small cozy homes to luxury beachfront villas, browse this section to find the home that fits your and your family’s dreams.


Apartments can be anything from studio apartments to luxury beachfront condos. Browse this section to find the apartment that fits your needs, whether you want to rent or invest in vacation rental property.

Land Lots

To quote Mark Twain: “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” That’s right, especially on such a small and popular island as Aruba, you had best buy it while you still can! Find yours in this section.

Welcome to Smiley Real Estate Boutique

You are at the right place. Smiley Real Estate is a small company, but one that is works in a customer oriented and professional manner to help you reach your goal. We are ready to help you sell or buy, or perhaps to just give you information or advice.

Smiley Real Estate was founded by a young woman, named Ariane Frans. It is because of her personality that the name Smiley Real Estate came to be. The logo shows a house with a smile, which symbolizes a happy home and a happy agent. Ariane is a very cheerful person and wanted to illustrate this in her logo.

What makes the company unique is…


Giving back to the community!

They say money cannot buy happiness. But it is also ancient wisdom that there is more joy in giving than in receiving. And giving back to our community sure puts a big smile on our faces!

This is why each of our listings is dedicated to a charity foundation in our local community, to which a part of our commission of the sale is donated.

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