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Ariane Frans

I am a people person and I live for my family. I am a very cheerful person, peaceful and positive. Both as a worker and a mother, I give the best of myself in every possible way for the wellbeing of my family.

But as a Real Estate Agent, I give 100% of my efforts for my clients, because they too become a part of my life. Every client is important to me, and for that reason I put emphasis on giving excellent service. I treat my clients with respect and empathy.

The reason why I started my own business is that I wanted more freedom to be able to do what benefits my clients, and I do not want to work just for myself, but also to make a difference in our community.

My wish was to study law. I wanted to help people with my knowledge of the law. For some reason this wish did not come true, but my main goal has not changed, and I decided to do something that still has to do with helping.

This is how I came to become certified to be a Real Estate Agent. I help clients reach their goals by helping them sell their property or helping them to purchase their own home, and that is what gives me true satisfaction. I am very happy with my profession, and I do this with lots of love, dedication and enthusiasm.

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